Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Time to End the Slugfest

It has been a lazy summer for me.

Actually, the laziness set in before summer even began.

It was about mid-May when I realized that I was so far behind on my 12750 per day average  step goal for the year that there was no way I was going to catch up.  Ok, maybe I could catch up, but I decided it was not worth killing myself trying.

So I quit counting. Just like that.  I gave up.

And I have been feeling guilty ever since.   Damn that Catholic upbringing.

I have a lot of excuses to ease my guilty conscience. Work is stressful.  Life is not all roses.   The summer heat/humidity plays havoc with my sinuses and gives me migraines.

This morning I was getting ready for work, feeling guilty about not getting up with the first alarm to ride my bike, when something dawned on me.

On mother's day, at the end of the 5k, my son and I agreed to  participate in the Natatorium 5 K this September.

Damn, September is not that far off.

I could opt out.  He may not be available anyway, with his busy schedule  and all- or so I tried to tell myself.

And then I made a decision.  Just like that.

I decided that I would participate in the NAT 5k - whether his schedule allowed or not.

And to be able to finish the 5k without embarrassing myself, I know I need to start walking again, right away.

Maybe not 12750 steps every day -  since that proved to be a bit too much - but with some consistency.

So, I have decided to try for 10000 steps a day, but not getting upset if I do not make it every day.
And not worrying about doing more the next day to make up for the day before.

I have decided to try to walk for 30-45 minutes at a time 3x per week.

And I have decided to try to do 15 minutes of HIIT training on my bike 3x per week.

But most importantly, I have decided to end this summer slugfest that I have wallowed in for the last two months.