Saturday, January 24, 2015

Victory is mine!

So if the scale at the NAT can be believed, I have lost 15# since I started visiting there in late July.

Yay me.

I celebrated with a fully loaded sandwich from Subway on the way out.

I couldn't help myself - it was so good:)

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

What was I thinking?

I had a moment last week....

Working through that this week and and working on taking care of me and my resolutions...

And working on a new path to success at work...

Lots going on in my small world.

Welcome to it.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

It's the little things...

The last month or so has had its ups and downs - mostly ups.

And it is the ups that make me thankful for some wonderful people I have in my life, especially my three kids and their significant others.

We have FUN together.  Ok, I have fun - they may see it differently

They each do a lot for me, sometimes big, expensive things and sometimes little caring things.

Of course I appreciate the big expensive things - who wouldn't?

But the little things are what warms my heart the most.

  • Gary spending the night before I left for Belize so he would be here in the morning when I was ready to leave for the airport because he knows how crazy I get about being on time (which translates to being super early).
  • Carrie and Kevin offering their really nice luggage;  I accepted:)
  • Larry making lists of everything I needed to know about getting through customs into Belize. I had the first time jitters.
  • Larry and Margo taking me to all their favorite  places in Belize. I got to experience all the places I hear them talk about.  
  • Carrie and Kevin picking me up from the airport in the middle of the night - after a two hour plane delay - and listening to me jabber all the way home about everything I did in Belize.
  • Gary inviting me out last week to watch the Bucks beat the Ducks at a local bar with him and his friends.  I love Buckeye football, and I would have watched it myself at home, but it is so much more fun in a crowd of young people.
  • All of them asking me regularly about making it to the the point that I know check in at the NAT just so they know I am keeping up with my activity goals.
  • Finding a package with the note below on my doorstep Monday night.  I know you read my blog because that is the only place I mentioned that I wanted a kindle paperwhite.  And knowing you read my blog means even more than the kindle. (Though I love my kindle and use it every night.)

Yes, it warms my heart. And I felt the need to share the warmth.