Saturday, November 30, 2013

No shopping for me yesterday...

Yesterday was Black Friday.

Just another day to me...

I have never wanted or needed anything bad enough to fight the black friday crowds for it.  I am thankful for that; I have enough addictions without that one on my list.

I understand that to some it is an adventure.  Have at it.  Without me.

My oldest son loves a good bargain.   He looks forward to Black Friday.  He does most of his shopping on line. But Thursday evening, after Thanksgiving dinner, he decided to do a little pre-black Friday in-store shopping.

First stop  - Walmart.  He was not really looking for bargains here.  He was getting some canned chicken and rice for my grand puppy who was sick.  Guy has a some stomach issues and the vet recommended the canned chicken/rice combo to help him through the rough times.  So thank you Walmart for being open on Thanksgiving:)  

While there, he saw several people waiting in line to buy ammo. Seriously, black friday deals on ammo - at Walmart????  I only hope they had enough in stock for everyone....Would not want a riot to break out in Walmart because there is not enough ammo to go around....

Next stop - a little later in the evening, Best Buy.  Larry has been shopping for  a treadmill for awhile.  He waited outside in the cold for 45 minutes - not too bad.  And he actually got a treadmill he wanted at a bargain price....go Larry.  And he did not stampede through the door knocking down employees on the way in.  I taught him better than that:)

I hope those of you who braved the stores for black Friday deals had fun and/or found a few bargains that made it all worth it....

Friday, November 29, 2013

I love my Facebook friends...

Today, I want to thank FaceBook...

  • For making it possible for me to reconnect and stay connected with so many friends from my past - from grade school, from high school, those I moved away from after my divorce, from previous employments.  I am so thankful to have all (well most) of my FB friends in my life.

  • And for allowing me to play Candy Crush with my friends. I only hope I can beat level 350 sometime in this life time....

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Most thankfully yours....

Happy Thanksgiving blogger friends.

The day is here.

I am loving it.

I am actually working hard at taking some of the stress out of the holidays.

Not just my stress but everyone's around me.

I use to really love the holidays more than I do - so much so that I would try very hard to make it perfect for everyone - which actually made it more stressful, believe it or not.

With age, I have come to realize that the "day" does not really matter so much anymore.

Yes, I enjoy when my family is all together for a holiday.  But I enjoy it any  day.  So if one or more of the kids choose to spend the holidays with friends or other family, it does not bother me.

And if stores choose to stay open and people choose to shop, it does not bother me.

And I know if I someday choose to do any of that, I will be ok with that - guilt be gone.

But I love to cook holiday food; my place is smelling pretty good right now:)

And I cleaned the place pretty good yesterday - holiday family get-togethers  provide that motivation.

I realize that I have not blogged the past few days.  I have been in a grumpy mood -not really sure why.   I think a lot of little things (a little work shit, a little friend shit, a little family shit) have added up to make it so. Nothing so bad that I should be grumpy; I just am and am going with it. Take me as I am and all that shit....

But I am here today to catch up on my Thanksgiving.

Thankful on the 23rd for my son's girlfriend, Margo - I am so happy she is a part of our life.  (It is her birthday, today - Happy Thanksgiving birthday, Margo).  On the 23rd, I went on a little shopping trip with my son for her.  What fun.

Thankful on the 24th for my parents - they drive me crazy at times, as I am sure I drive my kids crazy; it is parenting 101.  I try to visit every Sunday during Brown's season and watch the game with my Dad and visit with my Mom. (I do visit outside of football season - just not always on Sunday.)

Thankful on the 25th for my kids' friends. I enjoy hearing my kids talk about their good friends who have in essence become my friends as well.  It does a Mom's heart good to know that her kids and their friends all look out for each other.  In times of hardship, they are there for each other.  In times of joy, they celebrate together.

On the 26th, I am thankful for my really close friends.  I am so blessed to have such good friends - friends to laugh with, cry with, share the good times with, and help each other through the rough times.

On the 27th, I am thankful for my son-in-law, Kevin.  He is smart and funny and, most importantly, a good friend and husband to my daughter.  And he does not treat me like the Mom-in-law from hell...tho, at times, I may be.   It is an effort, but I do my best to live up to the mother-in law reputation.

On this Thanksgiving Day, I am most thankful for my children Larry, Carrie, Gary. They are all different and unique.  They are each at such different places in their lives right now - exciting and promising places. From each of them, I have learned important life lessons. I will not bore you with all the mush I am feeling right now. Just know that my heart is just so full of love for each of them.

I hope you have as much to be thankful for, blogger friends.  Have a wonderful day, however you choose to celebrate. 

Now it is time for me to get busy and stuff that turkey.