Saturday, January 10, 2015

Electronic FAIL

I had a great two weeks away from the office over the Christmas holiday - my electronics not so much.

First, I managed to lose my MISFIT Shine Activity Tracker.   I searched high and low for a few days before  I decided it was really gone.

I even prayed to St. Anthony - out loud, at the office -  because 3 of my (more) religious (than me) coworkers promised he would help me find it.  I was assured that (after I prayed) I should just go about my business and my lost Shine would show up.

I went about my business - for three days.  No Shine.

Maybe you have to believe.

I told my youngest that I was depressed, not being able to count my steps without my Shine.  H thought I should pray to St. Anthony.  Just kidding; I am not sure he has even heard of that gobble-de-gook. And he is more religious than me. But he did get me a MISFIT Flash for Christmas.  Just like a Shine - only cheaper.

I like the MISFIT trackers because they are waterproof and they track my steps when I am water walking.  Or they should.  Three days into my Belizean vacation the damn thing stopped working.  I opened it up.  Apparently it is not as waterproof as advertised.   I dried it out and replaced the battery...nothing.  I made sure I brought it home because I remembered Gary had said he bought some kind of protection plan.

Three days after I got home I had no clue what  I had done with it. I went through everything  I thought I unpacked.  I finally found it in the last place I looked - yeah, I stopped looking after I found it.

And the I noticed that it was flashing me...really.  I tried a sync...and it worked.  Take that St. Anthony.

The Tracker was not the only thing to stop working in Belize.  My Kindle decided to quit charging.  I tried every cord I had with me; tried cleaning off the USB connection; tried a computer charge - nothing.

Once I got home, I tried all the reset tricks I google found for me - several times; nothing.

Unlike the Flash, Kindle is still not working.  It looks like this...

I do have a Kindle Fire, but the Kindle allowed me to read by the pool.  Needles to say, I did not get a lot of reading by the pool done in Belize.

I will replace the Kindle before summer, because I like to read - by the pool, in the bright sunlight, anywhere.  I will most likely replace it with a Kindle Paperwhite.  That way if my Kindle Fire decides to die (it is 2 years older than my Kindle), I can read daylight or nighttime. I will be ready next time I have an electronic fail!

Friday, January 9, 2015

I made some good resolutions at the beginning of the year...

I did not think I was being unreasonable with any of them.

The daily activity resolution and the 2 per week NAT visits were tough, but doable.

Doable, barring unforeseen circumstances....

I started out good JAN 1 - got my steps in AND visited the NAT.

Then came the unforeseen circumstances.

I got flu sick AND winter happened.

I have not left the house since last Saturday, with the exception of making one half-assed attempt to get to work Tuesday.

I am so behind on my step count that, well, if I walked 8 hours today I might catch up.

Resolutions were made to be postponed, right?

I am finally starting to feel human again and I hope to actually leave the house tomorrow - only because my car needs an oil change.

After the oil change, maybe I will hit the NAT.

After all that, I will probably be ready for my couch and kindle again.

I am looking forward to warmer weather and feeling better.

I hope you are braving the weather and staying healthy this new year.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Winter can be beautiful!

Have I told you lately how much I hate winter?

I do.  But allow me to  clarify.

I hate winter in Ohio.

With the snow and cold and wind and ice....Ugh!

But I am pretty sure I could handle winter in someplace warm, like say, Belize....

In fact I am sure I could.

In fact, I DID.

It WAS winter in Belize when I was there last week.

80 plus degrees and sunny winter weather....I can handle it.

See me and SandMan, handling winter,
at the beach!

                 See me and Margo, handling                        winter,  at  the pool bar!

See me and Larry, handling winter,
at Caye Caulker, after swimming with the sharks!

In the words of Eddie Money, "I wanna go back"

In the words of Arnold, "I'll be back!"