Saturday, January 10, 2015

Electronic FAIL

I had a great two weeks away from the office over the Christmas holiday - my electronics not so much.

First, I managed to lose my MISFIT Shine Activity Tracker.   I searched high and low for a few days before  I decided it was really gone.

I even prayed to St. Anthony - out loud, at the office -  because 3 of my (more) religious (than me) coworkers promised he would help me find it.  I was assured that (after I prayed) I should just go about my business and my lost Shine would show up.

I went about my business - for three days.  No Shine.

Maybe you have to believe.

I told my youngest that I was depressed, not being able to count my steps without my Shine.  H thought I should pray to St. Anthony.  Just kidding; I am not sure he has even heard of that gobble-de-gook. And he is more religious than me. But he did get me a MISFIT Flash for Christmas.  Just like a Shine - only cheaper.

I like the MISFIT trackers because they are waterproof and they track my steps when I am water walking.  Or they should.  Three days into my Belizean vacation the damn thing stopped working.  I opened it up.  Apparently it is not as waterproof as advertised.   I dried it out and replaced the battery...nothing.  I made sure I brought it home because I remembered Gary had said he bought some kind of protection plan.

Three days after I got home I had no clue what  I had done with it. I went through everything  I thought I unpacked.  I finally found it in the last place I looked - yeah, I stopped looking after I found it.

And the I noticed that it was flashing me...really.  I tried a sync...and it worked.  Take that St. Anthony.

The Tracker was not the only thing to stop working in Belize.  My Kindle decided to quit charging.  I tried every cord I had with me; tried cleaning off the USB connection; tried a computer charge - nothing.

Once I got home, I tried all the reset tricks I google found for me - several times; nothing.

Unlike the Flash, Kindle is still not working.  It looks like this...

I do have a Kindle Fire, but the Kindle allowed me to read by the pool.  Needles to say, I did not get a lot of reading by the pool done in Belize.

I will replace the Kindle before summer, because I like to read - by the pool, in the bright sunlight, anywhere.  I will most likely replace it with a Kindle Paperwhite.  That way if my Kindle Fire decides to die (it is 2 years older than my Kindle), I can read daylight or nighttime. I will be ready next time I have an electronic fail!

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