Monday, August 29, 2016

Happy New Year!

A former co-worker recently contacted me with a request. He was pretty far into the interview process at my current place of employment and wanted my take on the current culture.....



In good conscience, I suggested that, unless he was desperate for employment,  he run - run fast, run far, keep running...

And lest he think I just do not want to work with him again (because why am I still there if things are so bad?), I explained that those of us not actively looking to get out are on the older side - hoping to hang on and ride out the storm.   Maybe after the storm there will be a package that includes some monetary compensation along with a placement service option.

How sad is that?

The ride has been very rough lately.  I am not sure how much longer I can hang on.

I wish I could be more like some of my coworkers who just let things roll off.  They do whatever they are asked whenever they are asked - not caring that the priorities changed 3 times today or that they will probably have to redo what they are doing 5x before it is accepted, or that they have so many priority 0 tasks in their inbox that they will probably not reach a single priority 1 task before the New Year  - 2018....


I wish I would not think about all the things I should be doing on the weekend to make the coming week's workload more manageable. I wish last weekend I would have remembered that the last 4 times I caved to my guilty conscience and worked lots and lots of hours over 40, priorities changed immediately the next work week and all that extra work was put on hold  - indefinitely...

Deep Sigh...

I wish I could get used to power tripping #@@3$ rejecting change requests and submissions for the lamest reasons. I live for the day that someone (anyone)  in management has the cajones to question the #@@3$ actions to their face.   I wish I would learn to just keep my mouth shut instead of telling said power tripping #@@3$ what I think of their f-ing non-value added way of working.

Deep, Deep Sigh...

I wish that this had not happened this morning...
I took my time getting into the office - took the scenic route around all of the construction rather than sitting in it.   Because sitting in traffic on the way to a job that is stressful adds to the stress. 
When I walked into the office, a half hour + later than my usual start time, the first person I encountered was a co-worker who I help quite a bit because most of his team has been pulled onto a special project and he is left with a lot to handle that he does not always understand.  In fact, one of his team members on this special project gave me a directive late last week to put aside my current workload to gather  information that the business needed immediately.  No problem.  I am now 2 days behind with the work I was working on before being pulled away, but whatever...

Yeah, whatever...

But, I digress. Back to the encounter...

Him:  Good morning.  Thank you for your help last week.  I need a bit more of your time when you get settled.
Me: Ok. You seem happy this morning.  Good weekend?
Him: Oh, just happy to hear that they are giving us Friday and Tuesday off to extend the holiday weekend to thank us for all the extra effort we have put in this summer!
Me: Seriously? That is awesome.  Did an email come through this morning?
Him:  Ummm.  Oh, not everyone gets off.  Just our team and the people on that special project.
Me:  ....
Him: Oh yeah, we are suppose to keep it on the down-low.
Me: ....
Him:  ...
Me:   Yeah, so all of us who are doing our work and some of yours and supporting the "special" project whenever summoned.....
Him:  Well, I will stop by later to see if you can help me....
Me: Yeah.  I'll be here....

I left the office early today -  I am not feeling so well.

I have decided I need to consider taking my own advice...


Run Fast!

Run Far!

I am also considering taking a friend's advice. She sets her New Year's Resolutions on her birthday rather than the first of the calendar year. My birthday will be here in less than 3 weeks.  I intend to be on a beach in Belize on the day. I also intend to have set some goals for the next year by then.     

Career goals...

Life goals...

Happy New Year!


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Time to End the Slugfest

It has been a lazy summer for me.

Actually, the laziness set in before summer even began.

It was about mid-May when I realized that I was so far behind on my 12750 per day average  step goal for the year that there was no way I was going to catch up.  Ok, maybe I could catch up, but I decided it was not worth killing myself trying.

So I quit counting. Just like that.  I gave up.

And I have been feeling guilty ever since.   Damn that Catholic upbringing.

I have a lot of excuses to ease my guilty conscience. Work is stressful.  Life is not all roses.   The summer heat/humidity plays havoc with my sinuses and gives me migraines.

This morning I was getting ready for work, feeling guilty about not getting up with the first alarm to ride my bike, when something dawned on me.

On mother's day, at the end of the 5k, my son and I agreed to  participate in the Natatorium 5 K this September.

Damn, September is not that far off.

I could opt out.  He may not be available anyway, with his busy schedule  and all- or so I tried to tell myself.

And then I made a decision.  Just like that.

I decided that I would participate in the NAT 5k - whether his schedule allowed or not.

And to be able to finish the 5k without embarrassing myself, I know I need to start walking again, right away.

Maybe not 12750 steps every day -  since that proved to be a bit too much - but with some consistency.

So, I have decided to try for 10000 steps a day, but not getting upset if I do not make it every day.
And not worrying about doing more the next day to make up for the day before.

I have decided to try to walk for 30-45 minutes at a time 3x per week.

And I have decided to try to do 15 minutes of HIIT training on my bike 3x per week.

But most importantly, I have decided to end this summer slugfest that I have wallowed in for the last two months.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

In my (not so humble) opinion....

I am saddened by the tragic killings that took place in a nightclub in Orlando this weekend. 

I am also saddened by the postings on social media pointing the finger of blame... all Muslims (the killer had ties to ISIL) Obama (he is too easy on ISIL) Democrats (the killer was a registered Democrat) 

etc., etc.,....

Now for my two cents (you asked, right?)...

The killer is dead. I am not sorry or saddened by that.  I am thankful that he can no longer inflict pain because of his beliefs.

I believe that there is good and not so good in every philosophy one chooses to call their "religion". 

I believe that individuals or groups of individuals, brainwashed as they may be, choose to act (or not) on their chosen interpretation of their "religion's" teachings. 

In my small mind, a radical Christian* is no better than a radical Muslim/Atheist/Democrat/Republican or radical any one/thing. 

Just saying...

 *I used Christian as the premise because that is closest to what I have been most of my life:(

Monday, April 4, 2016

The word of the day: Delay

I am on a much needed vacation.

In Belize...

with palm trees and pool bars...

It was a bit rough getting here.

My flight out of Akron was delayed 6 hours which would get me to Atlanta too late to catch a same day flight to Belize.

Do I rebook for Monday or make an attempt to get out of snowy Ohio?

Larry to the rescue- he booked me on a flight out if Cleveland and got me a ride to the airport.  I was on my way....or so I thought.
First there was a short mechanical delay ( I think the pilot needed breakfast) followed by an indicator malfunction that required a plane restart .  
And the plane needed de-iced.

But even with all those delays I would still get to Charlotte in time to catch my flight to Belize.

But it was not meant to be.

Enter a family with three small children.

Three small unruly children who refused to sit in their seat so the plane could take off.

The crew finally asked the family to deplane so the rest of us could be on our way.

But they refused. Dad physically throws one of the children into the seat but is not able to get said child buckled in.

Enter security.  Family deplaned.

Luggage crew called in to find and extract their luggage from the cargo area. 

There is still a slight chance I can get a connecting flight to Belize.

Enter couple who decides they want to take catch another flight because they are not going to make their connection with this one.  WTF?  Flight crew tries to no avail to change their mind.
Couple deplanes.  Luggage crew called back as I lose all hope if getting to a beach this day.

There are no beaches near the Charlotte airport.

 Airline books me on an early next morning flight to Miami and sets me up in a comfort Inn.  The comfort inn should have to change their name due to false advertising. Not going to say any more about that.

I did get a nice long walk In and I and enjoyed dinner and cocktails at  a local Chili's.

And This morning I made it to Miami in time to run to my connecting flight to Belize.

I am writing this in the air as we are making the descent to Belize City.

Almost there.



With a drink by the pool:)

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Putting it in perspective...

A reminder from a co-worker today:

This place is not normal. 
Once we are out we will need to purge ourselves of this toxic mind boggling environment...

...and start anew....

Here's to finding a place to start anew!

But first things first.

Two more days of the madness before I head to Belize for 10 days.

I can make it.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Change is good, right?

I got a  new boss this week. 

This is my 6th new direct supervisor since March of 2015.

6 different bosses in 12 months.  

But it may be ok.  This could be a good change; "could" being the key word.

Apparently, the organization is not willing to let me give up the work I have been doing that is not part of the new role so that I can take on the challenges of the new role.


I even proposed a transition plan that I felt was reasonable.

But my workplace is not always reasonable.

I tend to forget about their unreasonableness at times. Here are a couple of reminders.

This is the same workplace that gave a lot of us a decent sized surprise bonus in early February and then said oooopps mid March.  And proceeded to take it back over the next two pays so it would not be a hardship.  Not a hardship?  For who???  WTF?????   Way to raise workplace morale. 

And this is the same place that fired several long term employees sans package a few week ago for behaviors that suddenly were no longer acceptable to upper management anymore. Seriously???  I was not sad to see some of them go, but honestly, their behavior was accepted and fostered by the organization for the past few years.   And no package.  Way to mess with people's livelihoods.   WTF???  Way to raise workplace morale, again.  

Yeah, WTF????  That was my question  to HR about both incidents.  Sometimes I am surprised I am still employed.  I do tend to say what is on my mind before I consider the possible repercussions.

But maybe more employees actually expressed WTF sentiments.

And maybe management listened....


Last week at a town hall, management actually did an about face on their "we have more to do" attitude  and suddenly,  supposedly, got serious about employees maintaining a  healthy work-life balance.  To prove their good intentions, we were told  to "just take next Friday off - we do not want to see any of you here or online working."   <Insert controlled, skeptical applause>

Next Friday is today.  I am taking the day off, hoping there is no hidden agenda - reminding myself that change is good.


 Happy Good Friday - however and for whatever reason you are celebrating!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Lessons learned - or not...

2016 is off to a whopper of a start.

Here is a list of some things I now realize I should have learned earlier in my life that may (or may not)  have helped this year get off to a better start...

When two family members (parents, adult children, adult siblings) are not getting along, DO NOT:

  • Listen to anything either of them has to say about the other one as this will be construed as taking sides with the other one by each of them - no matter which one you are listening to at the time.
  • Try to get each of them to see the other one's side as this will be construed as taking sides with the other one by each of them - no matter which one you are talking to at the time.
  • Try to figure out for yourself WTF is going on (because, are they listening to themselves when they talk???)

When two family members are not getting along, DO:

  • Stay far far away.  
  • Understand that no matter what you do (including talking, thinking, making faces, coughing, sneezing, smiling, laughing, or nothing at all) will be construed as taking sides with the other one by each of them - no matter which one you are doing this around at the time.

In preparation for the point in time (because it will come) when two people you love with all your heart decide to not like each other and you end up the middle...

  • Maintain a spreadsheet that you created at the point when the first contender came into your life (at your birth when the contenders are your parents or your parents vs your siblings; their birth when the contenders are your kids). Each contender needs a tab on this spreadsheet on which you track everything you ever did for said contender including date, monetary value, level of emotional support. Because, when anyone of the contenders decide to accuse you of having done so much more for the other contender than you have for them, the line "I do not keep tabs, I do for each of you what I believe you need at the time" does not fly.  Tabs are required.
  • Realize early on that there is an epic fail in the works. There will be no winners and you will be the biggest loser.