Friday, March 25, 2016

Change is good, right?

I got a  new boss this week. 

This is my 6th new direct supervisor since March of 2015.

6 different bosses in 12 months.  

But it may be ok.  This could be a good change; "could" being the key word.

Apparently, the organization is not willing to let me give up the work I have been doing that is not part of the new role so that I can take on the challenges of the new role.


I even proposed a transition plan that I felt was reasonable.

But my workplace is not always reasonable.

I tend to forget about their unreasonableness at times. Here are a couple of reminders.

This is the same workplace that gave a lot of us a decent sized surprise bonus in early February and then said oooopps mid March.  And proceeded to take it back over the next two pays so it would not be a hardship.  Not a hardship?  For who???  WTF?????   Way to raise workplace morale. 

And this is the same place that fired several long term employees sans package a few week ago for behaviors that suddenly were no longer acceptable to upper management anymore. Seriously???  I was not sad to see some of them go, but honestly, their behavior was accepted and fostered by the organization for the past few years.   And no package.  Way to mess with people's livelihoods.   WTF???  Way to raise workplace morale, again.  

Yeah, WTF????  That was my question  to HR about both incidents.  Sometimes I am surprised I am still employed.  I do tend to say what is on my mind before I consider the possible repercussions.

But maybe more employees actually expressed WTF sentiments.

And maybe management listened....


Last week at a town hall, management actually did an about face on their "we have more to do" attitude  and suddenly,  supposedly, got serious about employees maintaining a  healthy work-life balance.  To prove their good intentions, we were told  to "just take next Friday off - we do not want to see any of you here or online working."   <Insert controlled, skeptical applause>

Next Friday is today.  I am taking the day off, hoping there is no hidden agenda - reminding myself that change is good.


 Happy Good Friday - however and for whatever reason you are celebrating!

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