Monday, April 4, 2016

The word of the day: Delay

I am on a much needed vacation.

In Belize...

with palm trees and pool bars...

It was a bit rough getting here.

My flight out of Akron was delayed 6 hours which would get me to Atlanta too late to catch a same day flight to Belize.

Do I rebook for Monday or make an attempt to get out of snowy Ohio?

Larry to the rescue- he booked me on a flight out if Cleveland and got me a ride to the airport.  I was on my way....or so I thought.
First there was a short mechanical delay ( I think the pilot needed breakfast) followed by an indicator malfunction that required a plane restart .  
And the plane needed de-iced.

But even with all those delays I would still get to Charlotte in time to catch my flight to Belize.

But it was not meant to be.

Enter a family with three small children.

Three small unruly children who refused to sit in their seat so the plane could take off.

The crew finally asked the family to deplane so the rest of us could be on our way.

But they refused. Dad physically throws one of the children into the seat but is not able to get said child buckled in.

Enter security.  Family deplaned.

Luggage crew called in to find and extract their luggage from the cargo area. 

There is still a slight chance I can get a connecting flight to Belize.

Enter couple who decides they want to take catch another flight because they are not going to make their connection with this one.  WTF?  Flight crew tries to no avail to change their mind.
Couple deplanes.  Luggage crew called back as I lose all hope if getting to a beach this day.

There are no beaches near the Charlotte airport.

 Airline books me on an early next morning flight to Miami and sets me up in a comfort Inn.  The comfort inn should have to change their name due to false advertising. Not going to say any more about that.

I did get a nice long walk In and I and enjoyed dinner and cocktails at  a local Chili's.

And This morning I made it to Miami in time to run to my connecting flight to Belize.

I am writing this in the air as we are making the descent to Belize City.

Almost there.



With a drink by the pool:)

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