Sunday, June 12, 2016

In my (not so humble) opinion....

I am saddened by the tragic killings that took place in a nightclub in Orlando this weekend. 

I am also saddened by the postings on social media pointing the finger of blame... all Muslims (the killer had ties to ISIL) Obama (he is too easy on ISIL) Democrats (the killer was a registered Democrat) 

etc., etc.,....

Now for my two cents (you asked, right?)...

The killer is dead. I am not sorry or saddened by that.  I am thankful that he can no longer inflict pain because of his beliefs.

I believe that there is good and not so good in every philosophy one chooses to call their "religion". 

I believe that individuals or groups of individuals, brainwashed as they may be, choose to act (or not) on their chosen interpretation of their "religion's" teachings. 

In my small mind, a radical Christian* is no better than a radical Muslim/Atheist/Democrat/Republican or radical any one/thing. 

Just saying...

 *I used Christian as the premise because that is closest to what I have been most of my life:(

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