Friday, January 9, 2015

I made some good resolutions at the beginning of the year...

I did not think I was being unreasonable with any of them.

The daily activity resolution and the 2 per week NAT visits were tough, but doable.

Doable, barring unforeseen circumstances....

I started out good JAN 1 - got my steps in AND visited the NAT.

Then came the unforeseen circumstances.

I got flu sick AND winter happened.

I have not left the house since last Saturday, with the exception of making one half-assed attempt to get to work Tuesday.

I am so behind on my step count that, well, if I walked 8 hours today I might catch up.

Resolutions were made to be postponed, right?

I am finally starting to feel human again and I hope to actually leave the house tomorrow - only because my car needs an oil change.

After the oil change, maybe I will hit the NAT.

After all that, I will probably be ready for my couch and kindle again.

I am looking forward to warmer weather and feeling better.

I hope you are braving the weather and staying healthy this new year.

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