Thursday, January 1, 2015

It is time to set some goals...

My 2015 resolutions:

  1. Do not make resolutions that I have no chance of keeping.
  2. Participate in at least two organized 5k events again this year.
  3. Stay active. Average  12450 steps of activity per day in January and increment 50 steps per day each month to reach 13000 by December 2015. This is going to be tough, especially in the winter months.  
  4. Get 25 NAT lap time down to 45 minutes. I had hoped to do this by December of 2014, but was feeling the pain of trying to run too much and decided to give my body a break.  
  5. Walk/swim at the Nat at least 2 x per week; this is more of a social goal than an activity goal. My socially awkward self tends to sit on the couch with a book rather than accept invites to outings that I would feel better about if I had someone to go with.  I do not need anyone to go to the Nat with. Ok, so the grammar in this paragraph leaves a lot to be desired, but I understand the resolution.
  6. Organize my spare room, including scanning and archiving bins of photos.
  7. Hang the art/pictures/items that are waiting to be hung in my apartment. I am the worst about putting things on the wall; I may need to have a hanging party.
  8. Foster healthy friendships while letting go of unhealthy relationships.   
  9. Stay the course on my get-out-of-debt plan.
  10. Don't happy. I tend to worry too much over things I have no control over. I am not quite sure how I am going to measure the results of this resolution yet, but it is a resolution none the less.

Yes, many of these are similar to last year's resolutions. I feel so much better about myself now than I did at this time last year that I feel it is ok to have repeats.

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