Sunday, December 14, 2014

Do they stay or do they go?

To de-grey or not to de-grey...

That is the question for the day...

As I mentioned a few times in previous posts, I am getting old-er.

Not that you needed me to tell you that.

But for some, like myself, with age comes grey hair.

Apparently lots of grey hair.

For a few years I was pretty good about washing it away - or at least covering it up.  I am not sure why I felt the need to do that, but I did.

And then, about a year ago, I decided to quit worrying about trying to wash it away - right about the time it started taking more than one bottle of medium brown color to bring back that medium brown look.

I earned those grey hairs, right?

And they do not look too bad, right?

And then I see a pic of myself someone posted on FB and I think - "those grey hairs are getting way out of control"...

Do they stay or do the go?

PROs of keeping those natural grey hairs:
  • Not having to bother washing them away every 6 weeks or less.....
    I realize a professional color job may last longer, but that also requires I actually make and keep an appointment at a salon every few weeks. My life is not ordered enough to make appointments for much of anything - health care, car maintenance, or beauty maintenance. When I cannot take the pain anymore, I visit the ER. When I need work done on my car, I bring it to a place that does not require appointments (shout out to Hamad Tire because a good mechanic is hard to find).  When I feel the need for a haircut/mani/pedi, or brow job,  I support the walk-in places, because if I had to make an appointment to sit in a chair and let someone mess with my hair or face, it would never happen.
  • I look my age and do not need to worry about being carded when I am in a hurry at the checkout with that half-gallon bottle of bourbon I need for baking.
  • Airport security/customs realizes I am too old to be any kind of threat and lets me through without too much hassle and leaves my checked luggage in tact, not wanting to paw through any old lady underwear... 
CONs of keeping those natural grey hairs:
  • I look my age - which may not be such a bad thing in itself except for those times I feel like playing cougar or when I am competing with younger, more lively candidates for a job at the office.
  • There is no chance of a feel good "we need to see your ID" when I am out on the town.
  • Any action taken against them is only temporary.  They keep coming back. 

If I am going to do it, today is the day because supposedly you should not wash your hair a couple of days before - and the weekends are the only time I can get away with that.

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