Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Out with the old....

It's finally here - the last day of 2013.


I am not too sad to see it go.

It has been a crazy kind of year.

Some good, some not so good.

Too many things to write about here and why dwell on the past....blah blah....

Now is the time for some new starts.

So I have been thinking about what I should resolve to do or not do in this coming year.

I know I should lose weight, get in shape, and eat healthier, but what fun is that????

I know I need to get my life in order and straighten out my finances, but again, what fun is that???

If you have not guessed, I have decided to resolve to have some fun in 2014.

And how am  I going to do that???
  • Let go of faltering friendships. 
It seems that I have been pretty good at screwing up friendships lately.

I moved about a half hour south of my previous residence  - my bad. Apparently that is a little too far for some to travel.  The friendship is there if I visit while I am in that part of town, but I do not seem worth the effort for them to make the trip south.  Of course when I moved up north a few years ago, my southern friends played the same game. And then there are the friends who I hear from when they need something, but other times not so much.  If I do not contact them, we tend to stray far apart.  To my so-called friends who are sometime, someplace friends, I say this:  you know where I am and how to get in touch - your move.
And me being me, I tend to say my peace or piece, however you want to think of it, when one of my friends says something so totally off the wall or hurtful that my logical mind just cannot keep my mouth in line.  To my so-called friends who tend to say/do things that screw with my mind or try make me feel bad about something in my life and then do not understand when I get defensive, I say this: I am who I am  - take me as I am or not....your move. But tread lightly - I am a bitch - as you know.
And how is that having fun you ask?  I tend to fret over these friendships and continually try to mend them which takes away from the fun times I should be/could be having with other friends.The fretting stops here.   
Which brings me to my second resolution.
  • Cherish my good friends.
    I do have a couple of really good friends who I would do anything for and who are and have been there for me through good and bad. To keep this resolution, I plan to spend time with my good friends at least once a month  - having fun, doing something we enjoy, and continuing to share our  life's ups and downs....
  • Attempt to stay socially active...
    I really miss the internet cafes that have been closed down over the past year.  One of the big reasons I miss them is because I do not get to see all of the people I met while cafeing.  I miss my cafe buddies.  Cafeing was my way of getting out of the house and meeting new and interesting people.  I have had a lot of advice from people I know about what I could be doing in place of cafeing - the two most popular being to join a church group or a gym/fitness program.  Well I am not into religion so that would not work for me; I would be kicked out  for speaking my piece.  As far as a gym - I do not want to pay money to sweat - nor do I want to talk to people while I am sweating.  I can walk outside for free; and I tend to  by walk by myself - my thinking time...
    So...after running it past my daughter yesterday (she helps keep my thinking in line) I have decided that I may try to go to the newly opened Hard Rocksino once a week or so.  I enjoy gaming and talking with the random people who are also there gaming.    As long as I can control my spending and at least break even, it may provide the social outlet  I need.  I did really well cafeing  - as far as breaking even; in fact I was enough ahead before they closed to pay off some of my smaller bills. I do not usually have the same kind of luck at casino type venues, but it is certainly worth a shot.  I know that if I do not at least break even, I cannot continue to play - so that is motivation to quit while I am ahead. I will keep you posted.
  • Continue to make my apartment more homey....more me.
    I do not spend a lot of time/money on decorating.  I am not into worrying about matching the right colors/window coverings, etc.  I do like that lived in look - because it is so easy to maintain:)
    I have done a few crafty things over the last few months to make my place  a little more more me....

To keep this resolution, I plan to do or purchase at least one thing each month whose sole purpose it to make my place scream my name....
  • Walk in at least two organized 5K events this year.
    I really enjoy walking and I enjoyed walking in A Christmas Story 5K Run.  To keep this resolution, I intend to walk 5K two  to three times a week (weather permitting).  I find it is really hard to walk on unshoveled walkaways...
  • Take a vacation to somewhere warm.
    My son and his girlfriend are seriously considering a move to Belize this year.  If they make that happen, I intend to visit.  If they do not make that happen, I intend to go away for at least a few days to one of those all-inclusive, preferably tropical, resorts.  I deserve it - or so I keep telling myself:)
So there are my resolutions - written down and posted...

Hopefully for keeping:)

May your 2014 bring you and your family health and happiness and a lot of fun:)

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