Monday, January 20, 2014

Does anybody really care?

I hung out by my lonesome this weekend and took care of some stuff around the apartment.

I have been wanting to put a clock up somewhere in my apartment - mostly to appease guests.  I am ok with looking at my phone or computer to check the time.  

In my search for a clock, I was having a hard time  finding one I  like that is also appropriate for my living room/dining room/kitchen. The key word being one.  I found several that I liked. Here a a few I considered...

OK, so maybe they are not all appropriate, but I like them.  

In the end, I decided to be boringly appropriate.  

My clock is a combination of two DIY clock purchases.  The first included bold, black numbers #s in a font I liked.  But that package had a small, broken before I got the battery installed, hands/movement combination

The second purchase included a good sized hands/movement combination and a dozen pattern choices for the numbers.  I liked the choices, but again, I could not decide on one.   So I combined the bold, black numbers from the first purchase ($5) with the movement and hands from the second purchase ($12.99).  

And voila, my DIY wall clock for under $20.

And I realized that I do like having a clock on the wall to look at once in a while.

If it is not quite level or circular, I am ok with that.

After all, does anybody really care what time it is?

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