Monday, September 15, 2014

Raising the Bar...

Mission accomplished.

I walked the Nat 5K Sunday and am happy to report that I met my 4 goals:

  • Finish
  • Not be the last to finish.
  • Finish without the need for paramedic assistance afterwards.
  • Finish faster than 54.10 (my previously recorded 5k PR)

My actual recorded finish time was 51.16.  My pace was 1:32M faster than my previous PR.

Yay me:)

It was a much smaller group of walkers/runners than the Christmas Story 5k.

I appreciated the smaller crowd.

Though I had to push myself to not cross the finish line last.

And what was advertised as a closed flat loop did not seem very flat to me. The Natatorium's indoor track is what I consider closed and flat.

My son, who is working to lose weight and get in shape for kite-surfing in Belize, also ran/walked. It was a win for him as well as he ran for a much longer interval than he thought he could.

Overall it was a great way to start my Sunday morning.

And in answer to the finish line volunteer who asked: Yes, I do plan to do it again next year.

And I have a new goal for my next 5K: 

Under 51:16 and at faster pace than 16:31M.

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