Friday, February 13, 2015

Reactions Make the Man

I went out last week with a few friends from work.

As usually happens when there is at least one "hot" individual in the group, the waitress paid special attention to the "hot" one.

Really special attention....

Let me sit in your lap special attention...

I hope my tits did not hit you in the face special attention...

Can you grab the take out container that seems caught on my boob special attention...

Come on home with me special attention.... the point that one would think the rest of us were invisible. 

And as it usually is, it was fun to watch the show.   

However, hot guy's reaction to all of this special attention made the show even more fun to watch and raised him up quite a bit on the hotness scale.

He did not invite or encourage flirty waitress to share his barstool or grab his ass...which of course made her try even harder.

He did let her know that his friends might like to order a beer, too.

He did not speak for us - forcing her to at least acknowledge our existence.

And when she handed him the bill, he turned to us: I'll handle the bill if you ladies handle the tip.


Yes, hot guy, your reaction to flirty waitress has raised you to new heights of hotness.

But beware - the word has spread...

The company of Your Hotness is desired throughout the land.

I hope you can keep up - pun intended.

*** No waitresses were harmed by the size of our tip - just disappointed that it was not hot guy's tip.


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