Sunday, February 16, 2014

Keeping at least one of my resolutions...

I never have been very good about keeping my New Year's resolutions.

And the ones I do keep are pretty flimsy.

For example, I resolved to walk 3 miles at least 3x per permitting.

Well, the weather has not yet been permitting.

I live in Ohio.  I knew the weather would not be permitting until March, at least.

But since the weather has not been permitting, I have been stuck inside more than usual.

So I have been working on keeping one of my other resolutions - making my apartment  a little more homey.

 My January project was a DIY clock, which I wrote about here...

When I bought the clock, I also bought some wall art.  I managed to attach that to my living room wall today.  

If it does not look straight, have a beer or two or three.  It will look much better after the beer takes effect.  I promise.

Yesterday, weather was permitting enough for me to get out of the house and walk around downtown Kent a bit with my daughter.  We had breakfast at Wild Goats Cafe and then visited a few of the shops.

I had the best time browsing in Off the Wagon.  It was there that I found some awesome art for my bathroom wall.

Inflatable Art-in-a-Can...for my can....

I have started on another project as well.  It shows off my personality a little more than projects above.  I will save the details of that endeavor for another post. 

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