Saturday, April 5, 2014

A feel good moment...

So, work is still work and I am still part of the same team trying  to fix things that are broke...

We are making some progress....

I think...

It is hard to tell at times.  

We had a management review session of our proposal Thursday which got a lot of positive feedback.

And then Friday we were reminded of several things we "missed" in our proposal.  I clearly remember some team discussions where we decided these "misses" were out of scope. And me, being me, brought that up, out loud.  Apparently, I remember wrong - or at least not right enough worth mentioning, because no one else admitted to remembering the discussions.  They did not say they did not remember them; they just did not say anything at all.  Someday, I will learn to just nod my head and not look the fool.

Anyway, we have a lot more work to do this week. I am not complaining - at least I still have a job for the time being.  

And the team I am working with is an ok group.  We get along for the most part and even have a little  fun. We have been together a little over 2 months now.

 A few weeks ago, we participated in a mandatory workshop - one of those all day drink the kool-aid sessions.  The final activity of the day mandated that we tell the team about some life-changing event we have lived through. 

My first response was NOYFB...and I pretty much said that.  I did not want to tell any of these people, most of whom I had met just a couple of weeks earlier,  about anything that has been life changing for me. And I was not sure I wanted to hear their 10-step stories - at least not in a team setting.  

But rather than risk losing my major source of income, when it was my turn, I went with this.... 
I do not feel comfortable with this activity and I am not going to share a story from my life with you.  But I will tell you that I have three adult children that I am proud of and have learned so much from. I am proud of them for making their own way in life  - doing their own thing. They each have an entrepreneurial spirit.  Watching them grow, I have learned that even though all kids are different and each mature in their own way and time, they do find their way, even if it is not on the same path that I or their Dad would have chosen for them. 
There was the usual moment of silence after the confession.

One day this week, as I was leaving our team "war" room with one of  my teammates,  he told me that my little spiel at the workshop got him thinking about his relationship with his kids. He said he started to feel better about himself as a parent, accepting that it is ok that his kids are not doing things the way he thinks they should do them. He said he had been wanting to thank me for that....said it was like a church experience. 

Wow,  what a feel good moment.  It made me thankful that I did not go with my second response to that activity and tell some made up, heart-wrenching, total  BS, Mental Poo-worthy story.   (Sorry, Rodney, I couldn't help myself.  I think of BS and I think of you and Perhaps I've Said Too Much.)   

Also, I am assuming this guy's church experiences are better than mine.  

We have Day 2 of the workshop later this month.  Lord, help me.

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