Sunday, September 7, 2014

No more jogging for me...

In an attempt to get my 5 k time down a bit, I thought I might try jogging part of it.

And try I did.

For a couple of weeks, I jogged a few yards every 1/8  mile lap at the NAT.

It did not seem too bad...especially after I started wearing two sports bras to minimize the jiggle at top.   

But then...

By the end of the second week my knees started bothering me.  At first, I did not attribute the ache to the jogging.  I thought maybe I was just overdoing it a bit. I realized that I was actually sweating during my laps...yeah, must be overdoing it.

So I walked/jogged less and less miles each day. 

Two and a half, then two, then one...

Still, my knees were hurting worse each day until I could hardly walk without feeling the pain.

I was ready to forget participating in the 5K I am training for.

My son suggested I see a doctor.

Ha...he should know me better than that.

He next suggested I stop jogging completely and try biking for a few days instead of walking.

Why didn't I think of that?

It's a miracle. I can walk again...without hurting.

No more jogging for me...ever...

I am now actually walking at a faster pace than my best walk/jog pace.

Though my 18 minute mile pace is still pretty damn slow.

I blame that slow pace on my short legs and the few (quite a few) extra pounds I carry around.

Only seven more days til race day and my legs are not getting any longer and the pounds are not falling away....

So I best get off this couch and see if I can find a way to move a little faster...

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