Friday, September 5, 2014

September Goals...

September is going to be a busy month...

I have set the following activity goals: 
  • AVG 12000 steps per day 
  • AVG 5 miles per day
This is a stretch goal for me; I admit it, I am out of shape.

I have signed up to walk a 5 k on September 14. My goal for this 5 K is to beat my previous sponsored 5 K record of 55:57.  I am working at it.

I have planned a girls (Mom-Daughter) getaway weekend for my birthday weekend.  Sorry sons, but if I invite boys I have to pay for an extra room...I am cheap and saving for a trip to Belize.

Yes, I said Belize.

I will also be helping my oldest son pack up his office and residence as he prepares to move to Belize in early October.

I am so excited for him and and his girlfriend.  They are making their dreams come true.

And I have a reasonably priced dream vacation destination in my future; Belize in December is looking more like reality every day.

I promise to do my best to not to be the mom/mom-in-law from hell when I visit:)

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