Saturday, October 18, 2014

All is least in Belize...

It has been a crazy couple of weeks....

Despite all that went awry in the two weeks before they left and during the trip down, my son,  his girlfriend, and their dog, made the move to Belize.

And they left Akron at a good time, just a week before the Ebola scare hit the area.

I can only think that if they did not leave when they had, Belize may have not let them in.

Because, I must admit, Belize has the right idea...

Mexico and Belize close ports to cruise ship carrying health worker who handled samples from 'patient zero' who died of virus

Good for Belize and Mexico. 

I do not understand the incompetence of the CDC (in my humble opinion).  

Why would they not quarantine all health care providers who cared for said 'patient zero'?

And why would they allow them to travel commercially? Out of the country, no less...

Is 21 days too much to ask to nip this thing in the bud?

And then there is that other beloved government agency ...

Dallas hospital that treated three Ebola patients had machine that can detect disease in just minutes ...but couldn't use it because it wasn't FDA approved

My favorite comment on the above article:
There comes a point in time in every persons life where you must say "Screw the FDA"  ~ Rick Jameyx2, AssVille, United States

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