Sunday, October 19, 2014

My head hurts...

I have been fighting a cold/sinus congestion for the past week...

I even worked from home most of the week so  I could:

  1. Make use of the heavy meds and vick's to stop the pounding in my head.
  2. Keep the germs to myself (in case it was something contagious).
It is the weekend and my head still hurts...really bad....

And then I realized something...

I have been drinking tea with honey and lemon and emergen-c and a little apple cider vinegar thrown over the past few times I would normally be drinking coffee.

While the tea is great for what ails me, I am also a coffee addict.

Two cups of coffee later and I am still congested, but that head pain has subsided considerably:)

I do love coffee...and it loves me.

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