Sunday, November 2, 2014

A long productive weekend...

I took Friday off just because I have some vacation days to use or lose  before the end of the year.

I took advantage of the long weekend and got a few things accomplished...

  • I started by sleeping in Friday and then taking a couple of extra long walks to make sure I met my October goal  to average 12100 steps a day....nothing like procrastination.  But I did it. And I set a goal for November of 12150 step a day.  I do not want to push it too much and leave room for failure.  
  • I also made some (aromatherapy) bath salts.  I had been wanting to try my hand at this for awhile and it was actually pretty simple.  I made grapefruit and chamomile. 
  • I slept in again Saturday.
  • I made a  good size dent in reorganizing my bedroom and cleaning up the spare room. I had acquired some stuff from my son and am storing some other stuff for him.  I just kind of threw everything in the spare room and finally started going through it all this weekend.   
  • I slept an extra hour Sunday morning.  I still need to move the clocks back that do not move themselves.
  • I grocery shopped for the week.
  • I filled out and mailed my absentee ballot.
  • I visited my parents and watched the Browns beat the Buccaneers.
  • I visited the Natatorium and picked up the pace a little on my 25-lap (3.125 mile) time. My PR is now 46:23.
And that's all folks.  I am now relaxing at my computer.

I hope you had a productive weekend.

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