Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Checking on my 2014 resolutions...

I tend to make resolutions each New Year that I do not intend to keep or follow up on.

This year I made a promise to myself that I would do better.

And quite honestly, I believe I have - at least for the most part.

On December 31st 2013, I posted these resolutions for 2014:

  1. Let go of faltering friendships. 
  2. Cherish my good friends.
  3. Attempt to stay socially active.
  4. Continue to make my apartment more homey.
  5. Walk in at least two organized 5K events this year. 
  6. Take a vacation to somewhere warm. 
It is now November 2014.  How am I doing?

  1. I have been better at letting go of faltering friendships, though at times I do feel a little guilty for not making the effort to get back in touch...
  2. Cherishing good friends is a two way street.  And I must say, the few good friends I resolved to cherish make that so easy.  We do keep in touch and check in with each other and make time to visit and share our life's ups and downs.  My best friend Sandy and I get together almost every month for dinner or gaming or just visiting.
  3. Attempting to stay socially active has been more of a struggle.  I stopped visiting the Rocksino unless it is a planned visit with a friend. The ROI is just not enough.  I did opt to join a gym and have been chatting with some of the regulars while there. The first two months I went almost every night.  I have slacked off a bit, but still making 2-3 visits a week.
  4. I have done quite a few things to my apartment.  The kitchen, dining room, guest bathroom, and living room all have new wall art.  I created a magnet canvas to cover my fuse box.  I do have a few more things in mind, including a wind chime, but I am just not as creative as I would like to think I am.  I did get lucky when my son decided to move to Belize.  I acquired two living room lamps, a bedroom set (which he thinks he is getting back on his return), some kitchen items, an exercise bike (which I gave to him last time I moved), some comforters, more wall art,etc...  So if all that counts, I have kept this resolution.
  5. I did walk in two organized 5K events this year, one on Mother's Day and one at the Natatorium in September.   And, since July 1st,  I have been setting and achieving monthly activity (step) goals.
  6. I did take a vacation to Myrtle Beach in September and I have booked a flight to Belize in December.  Check and double check!
Not bad, if I do say so myself.

And, I have actually added a resolution.  I am working to get my 5k walk time down.  On September 14, my official 5k time was clocked at 51:16.  My goal is to get that time (unofficially, 25 1/8 mile laps at the Nat) down to 45:00 by Christmas.  I hit 47:30 earlier  this week.  I am on my way.

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