Thursday, March 26, 2015

It's Been a Day...

It has been one of those days...

I left the apartment this morning with a heavy jacket on because it was not the warm 63 it was supposed to be yesterday and I assumed today would not be much different...

...until I walked outside and felt that warm spring air.  I checked  the weather on my phone, saw that it was 43 (already) so I went back for a lighter jacket.

It was not until I was half way to work that I heard the weather report and realized that 43 was the high for the day and there was snow in the forecast...


About that time, I also realized that I left my badge in the pocket of my heavier coat...

Double damn!!!!

And then, as I stepped out of my car at work, I looked down to see that I was wearing brown shoes.  My pants were black; my top had red, grey, and black - not a spot of brown anywhere, except for the shoes.



Things did not get much better after that.

It was probably not the best time  to participate in a roundtable discussion about how things are going.

But they invited me.  And they asked. And I was brutally honest.

Because I was having a bad day and this was at least the third time they asked and got the same responses and acted surprised.

After lunch with a friend and a long walk at the Nat and leftover munchies with a glass of'll be alright.

How was your day?


  1. Girl; I feel ya.. Its been a rough week but tomorrow is Friday! We can do this right??!!!