Tuesday, March 3, 2015

What is not to like?

In December, I visited my son in Belize.  It was an awesome time.  I am ready to go back as soon as he will have me.

But to be fair, and as blogged at the Huffington Post,  life is not always awesome when you chose to visit/live on an tropical island.

9 Definitive Reasons Why You Should NOT Move to the Caribbean

My son read the above post and confirmed that he does see the positive in most of those 9 reasons and that island life is for him - at least for a few years.

Which is good for me, because I do intend to visit at least a couple more times while he is there.

What's not to like?

Well, I encountered a few things that took a little getting use to...

  • The internet was on island time while I was there.  Tourist traffic was high, which slowed Google and Facebook to a crawl.

  • The roads - or lack thereof, were a challenge for me.    I had to hold tight to my tatas every time we rode the golf cart to San Pedro town.  They were bouncing everywhere.  The rainy season had taken its toll on the unpaved portion of the road; the paved portions were few and far between.  On a night trip to the casino at Captain Morgan's, I got to hold my tatas with on hand and the flashlight we used as a headlight with the other.  And then there was the time that Guy flew right out of the golf cart as we drove through town traffic.  Speed bumps on the paved portion of the roads are lengths of thick rope across the road - really, really thick rope.

    To be fair, the road to town has been completed since I visited.  And my son bought a better golf cart than the one he was renting when I was there.  The improved version sports good shocks, working headlights,  and  a lock box to store valuables. What valuables would you need to store in a golf cart, you ask?  Well, that brings me to the next challenge of island life.

  • There are very few convenience stores outside of down town.    There are plenty of bars and restaurants.  But if you need or want  milk, bread, meds, toiletries,household/cleaning items, etc., you need to make the trip to town.  And most likely, not to just one store in town.  There is a store or two for this and one for that, and...you get the picture.  If you plan to get more things than you can comfortably carry around all day as you go from store to store, it is best to have somewhere to  put them.  If you think you can leave your heavy bags  sitting in your open golf cart for just a minute while you hop in the pharmacy, well, consider them a donation to someone's charitable cause.
  • The service industry is lacking in service... or at least the kind of service one gets use to in the states. Belizeans just do not recognize why you want everyone's meal served at the same time and as ordered.  And if they goof your order, why shouldn't they expect you to pay for the second, corrected (or not) order?  How can it be their fault that they did not understand what you wanted - twice?
    The maids broke the washer in my son's condo  the day my daughter and son-in-law arrived for a two-week visit.   A week later and no estimated service date. What's the big deal?   My daughter packed light because there was a washer in the apartment. There is not a public laundromat anywhere near them. That's the big deal.  Or not.  
    At least it is warm on the island; bathing suits and cover ups are hand washable.
  • The sun sets early - everyday.  WTF?    I came for the sun - not expecting it to set by 5:30 PM. That threw me for a loop.  But sunset  skies are beautiful and the pool areas stay lit all hours and island nightlife is awesome. So I adjusted.

I know I could live the beach life.  I am pretty sure I could handle island life - at least for extended stays.

What do you think?

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