Monday, August 24, 2015

Romantic as Hell, Funny as Hell...

Romantic as what????

Oh hell, yes.

When I first started blogging a few years ago, I somehow happened upon

Yeah, that.

Moooooog35 is irreverent, to say the least. And something in the reformed Catholic girl that I am loved it and could not get enough of it. I caught up on previous posts and continued to look forward to his daily bits of mental poo.

Back to the present, my life has been a little hectic lately - filled with work and grand puppies and a new grandbaby and kids planning weddings and relocations and on and on - everything except romance.

But that is about to change, because of this:

Moooooog35 (aka Rodney Lacroix) writes books, too.   For months Rodney has claimed that his latest masterpiece contains some of the best romance advice of all time ...

Which may or may not be true...

It seems that snorting, lauging out loud, choking from laughing out loud, farting and/or peeing your pants in public (even if from laughing out loud) tends to counteract any chance of a romantic encounter.

Who knew????

I do know that this book is full of tried and tested (you really did that???) hilarious do's and don'ts for initiating, holding together, and  maintaining a relationship.

The how - to lessons begin with a a couple of teenage horror stories (the don'ts), and continue through a few steady relationships, a few proposals, a marriage, a divorce, post divorce on-line dating, and a second marriage (with kids and step-kids).  

Seriously, no matter where you are in life, there is something in this book for you - something to laugh at, or cry about, or to be embarrassed for Rodney about. You may even learn a thing or two. 

I found a few ideas to try on my next husband, assuming the relationship initiation ideas actually work well enough to  get me a date that turns into a few dates that lead to a steady relationship that ends in a proposal in the not-to-distant future. That is a lot of assumption, I know.  But I have faith in Rodney.

If you prefer a little theatre with your humor, Rodney provides that as well.  I am not sure why, but he felt the need to treat each chapter as an Act  -  complete with an an opening scene.  Whatever, Rodney.  I could have done without that, but I am an just one reader among thousands. I am sure a few hundred others are loving it...

And just to make sure you are grasping the main ideas, Rodney  provides a Progress Checklist at the end of each act.

I have now completed all eight  checklists and am ready to embark on a romantic adventure of my own - to test my real-life understanding of Rodney's lessons. 

Wish me luck.

While I am doing that,  I challenge you to pick Rodney's brain (or better yet read his book) and learn to " make your relationship a little more squishy in the heart parts" because " squishy hearts lead to harder other things on the regular."  Yeah, those are Rodney's words, not mine.  

Let me get you started.   Follow the links below to Amazon or Barnes and  Noble.

After reading Romantic as Hell, I am pretty sure you will want more Rodney.   Lucky for you, there is more. He has two previous books:  "Things Go Wrong for Me"  and "Perhaps I've Said Too Much." Take my word for it, if you like funny, they are both worth the read.

You can purchase all three of Rodney's books in all formats, including autographed copies, at Rodney Lacroix  or at R C G Publishing.


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