Monday, November 30, 2015

Outtakes from Belize - Part One

In case you have missed my's back...

What brings it back?

Well, I am on a much needed vacation in Belize and having a totally relaxing and awesome time.


I am too cheap to pay for International Cellular service so I cannot post to FB like I usually do when I am out and about doing something fun or wanting to share an opinion or two or three.  (Which is all good, because, honestly, I do stop whatever I am doing to share to FB a lil too much when it is readily available.)

And another but....

I expect  the sun to shine longer in warmer weather.  The Belizean sun does not live up to my expectations - it gets dark here just as early as it does back home:( 

And then there's the mosquitoes - lots and lots of mosquitoes - OMG!!!  American mosquitoes do not bother me so much, but these Belizean mosquitoes - they love me tooo much. Tho after retreating indoors and downing a couple of benadryl tabs - all is well.

Rest assured, I am not complaining - just explaining why my blog is back.  Rather than waste parts of my days FBing,   I have decided to try to just post my adventures once each evening after the sun stops shining and the mosquitoes start biting.  (Maybe I can carry this practice back to the States with me.   Ok, probably not - who am I kidding?)

This morning, I walked along the beach to AKBOL for a delicious beachside breakfast of coffee with a ham and cheese fryjack. I was tempted to sign up for the free morning yoga class, but  then I remembered how much I do not like to sweat, so I opted for water walking back at the Grand Caribe lap pool - no class needed:)

Then I sat by the beach for a bit before water-walking  a
few more laps.

The best part of the day so far was the long walk north along the beach 

past Captain Morgan's. I definitely reached my step goal today.

Along the way, I met this guy...
and  revisited this tree...

And then,  back at Grand Caribe, I made myself a tuna steak and enjoyed a beer on the porch.

Now I am thinking of heading over to Rain and having another beer or two...


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