Saturday, December 5, 2015

Happy Hour has that affect on Belize...

Yesterday morning started out with a goal of finding  Marbucks Coffee House, I had seen signs pointing from the beach and from the road but was not quite sure where (in between the road and the beach) it could be.  Yesterday, I decided to quit being wimpy and follow the signs. Apparently, there is a road in between the main road and the beach, which I should have remembered from my last visit. It was the less bumpy road Larry took because the unpaved main road was full of ruts.

Breakfast at Marbucks Coffee House

The adventure was worth it.  I enjoyed a delicious breakfast bagel sandwich with coffee and decided that I now have another beach breakfast option.

View from the Boca Del Rio Bridge

I then took a walk (all the way) into town.  I followed the main road to the Boca Del Rio Bridge. After the bridge, I took a left to the beach and followed the beach to the town square.  

From Grand Caribe to the town square it is about 2 miles  - two hot, sweaty miles.  I walked around the square a bit and then hopped the water taxi back to Grand Caribe's dock.

I might should have stopped at 1 LI...

I did a few laps in the pool and then heard happy hour calling from the pool bar.  And what a happy hour it was.  A lobster quesadilla and two long island ice teas later and I was feeling no pain the rest of the day and into the night.  Who knew happy hour Long Islands could be so strong?  

Stella's in the morning

First thing this morning I headed to Stella's Smile Wine bar. Margo told me about Stella's and their bottomless Sangrias.  It is a fairly new place about a quarter of a mile south of Grand Caribe. In addition to the bottomless Sangria in the evenings, they offer a bottomless Mimosa on weekend mornings.  What better way to get over a Long Island hangover than imbibing in a few mimosas?  Oh, and their crepes are pretty awesome,  too. I enjoyed a lobster crepe because, when in Belizin in lobster season, I try to take advantage.

After breakfast, I took another walk into town.  I did a little shopping before returning  via  water taxi. 

Stella's in the evening...
A few laps in the pool and back to Stella's to try the famous pizza night with bottomless Sangria.  I opted for the white pizza with shrimp topping.  It was sooooo good.  I have enough for lunch tomorrow  - or maybe a late night snack tonight because I am getting hungry thinking about it sitting in the fridge. 

After I asked for a box for my leftovers, the staff moved a chair to their dock so I could continue to enjoy my bottomless Sangrias and a good view of the lagoon.  And, a few Sangrias later, when  I was ready to leave, they poured one for the road. Bottomless really is bottomless at Stella's

On a sad note, I am missing the tree trimming party happening tonight  at my son's place back in Ohio; I do love a tree trimming party when it is not my tree to trim.  But on the flip side, I am in Belize.  

Disclaimer: There may be typos, misspellings, bad grammar in this post- it's the Sangria doing the writing.

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