Monday, December 7, 2015

I'm on Island Time...

Yesterday morning I woke up bright and early intending to walk to town for breakfast at Estel's.  A quick look at the weather forecast made me rethink that adventure. I opted for a quick walk along the beach instead.

Breakfast was self-made - eggs and a bagel with coffee - and enjoyed on my patio.

Once the rains cleared a bit, I made my way to the pool bar for my morning dose of Mimosa.

I headed inside when the rains returned,  and actually did a little bit of studying for a Project Management Certification I am hoping to test for in a few months. Studying  seemed a better option than watching the Browns lose.

The skies cleared a bit again  again just in time for lunch at the pool bar at the tail end of happy hour.  I held myself to one Long Island Iced Tea with a Mozzarella Shrimp Sandwich. Even one LI kept me feeling good for a couple hours.

There's a bird in this photo - doing a happy dance.

Not so good that I did not feel the bugs biting on an attempted beach walk.  I actually had to leave the beach path and walk along the road because my dance skills are not enough to make constant smacking at mosquitoes and flies appear graceful.

All in all it was a lazy Sunday.

This morning, I did get up early and walk to town.   I had a shrimp omelet with fruit and fryjacks and, of course, a tall Mimosa, at Estel's Dine By The Sea! It was as awesome as I remembered from my last visit. I sat at a table on the beach and enjoyed looking out over the Sea.

The beach at the North end of town

The view from my table at Estel's

I shopped for an hour in town but still had an hour before the 10:30 water taxi back to Grand Caribe.  So I stopped in and visited with Eduardo at the famous Fido's.  Eduardo made me a Bloody Mary just the way I like it - vodka and V-8 and olives - that's it.  No all. I am a wimp, but I know what  I like. I took a picture at Fido's, or so I thought.  Apparently the Bloody Mary kicked in and the photo I thought I took was a short video of the steps leading from Fido's to the beach.

Back at Grand Caribe, I spent sometime in the lap pool before the rains returned.  

And then I napped, because that walk to town wore me out today.

I intended to revisit the Truck Stop for dinner, but apparently they take Mondays off. So dinner was a lobster quesadilla and a couple of Belikins from the pool bar.

And that's my story  - from my dining room table in Grand Caribe, Ambergris Caye, Belize, CA.

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