Thursday, December 31, 2015

Back to reality...

I have been home from my Belizean vacation for almost three weeks now.

It seems like an eternity.

Life is so relaxing on a tropical island.

I came back to:

Look at me Grandma Mary
My Beautiful Grandbaby - Yes, he was the deciding factor for my return. (Ok, and I have a job I kind of need.) If I stayed on the island I know my kids would visit often, but I am not sure I could handle not seeing that grandbaby in person at least once or twice a week.  He is so cute. And he loves his grandma.

Training Grounds
The Jingle Bell Run- I registered to walk this run in November; I trained for it in Belize by walking to town and around the island and doing laps in the resort pool. It was tough, I tell you.  But it was worth it.  I walked the 5k in 48:51.  A record for me (if I forget about the flat course  I did last May in 47:13).  This course had the most inclines of any I have walked so far - or at least it seemed that way.  

A Wonderful Christmas with Family - I did not start holiday shopping until I returned to the states; so I power shopped, mostly online, for a few things. I held myself back this year, because I am on a good plan to be debt free in 2016 and did not want to undo that.  Besides, my kids do not need presents from me to know I love them.  I came back from that tropical island to be with them - that should be present enough, right?   I do love Christmas time - not for religious reasons. I love family gatherings and giving and sharing the family love. 

Good Friends - I have a few good friends that I cherish so much and would miss terribly if I decided to stay on that tropical island.  Friends I walk with, play with, dine with, share good times with...

A Madhouse at the Office - Of course there are some reasons I wish I could stay forever on a tropical island.  Corporate America is one of them.  Ugh. I love what I do for a living and the people I do it for.  The authors and teammates that I  release documents for are pretty awesome for the most part.  But the bullshit that falls from above is not  pretty.  Enough said.

Cranky Parents -  Apparently I have done something to piss my parents off to the point of them not wanting to see me for awhile  - even through the holidays.  Hopefully they will get over whatever it is soon.   I apologized for what I thought I did. I know they are older and forgetful, so maybe they forgot that I apologized.  Or, maybe they really do not like who I am. I am who I am. Enough said about that, too!

Life is short - and so am I.

Be happy!

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