Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy 2016!

It is that time of year again....

I am going to make this easy.  My 2015 resolutions have been re-packaged for 2016. Look closely and you will see the subtle differences.

My 2016 resolutions:

  • Do not make as many resolutions that I have no chance of keeping.
  • Participate in at least three organized 5k events this year.
  • Stay active. Average 12750 steps of activity per day throughout the year and 10 minutes of HIIT workout 3x per week.
  • Do not worry about getting 25 NAT lap time down to 45 minutes. 
  • Continue to work on socializing more; do not give in to that tendency to sit on the couch with a book rather than accept invites to outings that I would feel better about if I had someone to go with.  
  • Organize my spare room, including scanning and archiving bins of photos. Hang the art/pictures/items that are waiting to be hung in my apartment.  ALERT: Total repeat...maybe there is a chance this year.
  • Continue to foster healthy friendships while letting go of unhealthy relationships.  
  • Stay the course on my get-out-of-debt plan: debt free by my 59th birthday! Celebrate with a me-time vacation in 2017.
  • Don't happy. I still tend to worry too much over things I have no control over. 

Yes, most of these are reworked 2015 resolutions.

But it is ok.  These are good resolutions for this time in my life.

2016 is going to be a good year.  There are moves and weddings and vacations happening in our family.  

Make the best of your 2016!

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