Friday, November 22, 2013

Caught the Crud :(

I have not been feeling so great this week.

It started Sunday evening....stuffy nose, headache, earache, feeling all around blah.

Got worse Monday...but I was still functioning.

Tuesday, I had to call in sick, maybe because instead of resting, I  worked most of my PTO day Monday. So much to do, so little time. At least that is what project management is telling us.

I did not actually take all of Tuesday off, either; I slept most of the morning then worked about 6 hrs.  After work, I turned into a couch potato. I read a little.  I surfed a little.  Thankfully, I came across this video  (laughter being the best medicine and  all):

Wednesday, I made it into the office.  And I made it home.  That was about it. I did not walk. But I did read.  In fact, I have read quite a bit this week. I have read two hard copy books, two kindle books, and two  downloaded PDFs.  I am appreciative of and thankful for the the two public library systems that I use the most.

Thursday I made it into the office and did pretty good in the morning.  But the day took its toll.  By 2:30 I was ready to head home.   I made myself a concoction of my favorite tea and honey and cinnamon.  Have I told you how thankful I am for the medicinal benefits of rum?  Yeah, I added a bit of that to the tea.

Unfortunately, I  do not think I added enough rum.   When I woke up this morning, I knew I was not going to make it into the office.  My ear hurt something terrible.  So back to bed for me.  I finally got it together about noon and worked a few hours.  My earache keeps coming back.  When it gets unbearable, I  put a few drops of warm witch hazel in it which seems to help for a while.  A few minutes ago I shut the work computer down and am now vegging on the couch, surfing - medicinally.  
Tonight, I want to thank Sweden for this gem:).

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