Sunday, November 17, 2013

So...where has the week gone???

I have not posted for almost a week:(

It is not because I quit being thankful - too many good things going on in my life for that.

Last Wednesday, I was once again thankful to have a job...even tho I had to work til 7:00 PM in order to summarize the status of the several projects that needed completed while I was away for a few days.  
I could not complete the projects before I let because nothing was ready...nothing! But they all had to be completed immediately when they were ready. I am anxious to see what, if anything, even got ready to  to complete in my absence.   So often, it is realizing that I am going to be gone a couple of days that makes everyone think they are going to need me..It's the old :Why didn't you tell me you would be gone?  Why did you not tell me that this week was crunch mode for all of your projects that you do not have ready???

Thursday, my first scheduled day off, I was thankful that I had made breakfast plans with a good friend/co-worker who happens to be on medical leave.  We spent the morning sharing office war stories.  Which only left me 6 hours of my scheduled day off to work on a couple of the above mentioned critical projects and a brand new one that popped up...ugh...

I have back up...that would be my boss.  He is awesome, but he has so much to do that we try really hard not to leave too much extra for him...because he will do it - if he has to be online 24/7.

I am not even looking at my work email tonight to see what is waiting for me.  I will do that tomorrow - on my third scheduled day  off...  I am also working on breakfast and lunch plans...

Friday was the start of our family getaway weekend.  I am so thankful that my kids still want to getaway with me sometimes.  I reserved a cabin for the nine of us: my three kids, one son-in-law, one almost daughter-in-law, and my three grandpuppies - who are not really puppies anymore.  They planned the meals and  entertainment...well mostly we entertained ourselves with hiking and hot tubbing and imbibing.  But the meal prep was awesome.  Carrie and Kevin made Non-Parmesan Chicken Friday (because they forgot the parmesan) and bacon-wrapped beef tenderloin Saturday.  Larry and Margo and Gary brought drinks and breakfast and snack food.  Carrie brought her MixMaster and made home made toll house cookies and real mashed potatoes. Do not ask me where she got her domesticity; just know it was not from me.  Also know that the rest of us lover her for it...
Saturday, I was thankful for the realization that the hike thorough Old Man's Cave was a one way ordeal.  We got all the way through it and stopped to take a picture when I commented something about dreading the return trip.  I was pretty winded.  As I have mentioned before, I am sooooo out of shape.  Larry enlightened me that our cars were parked "right over there...we are done".  My smile for that picture just got a lot more real...
And now it is Sunday, and I am back home, resting, drinking tea laced with rum to try to combat this cold and the blues.  I was not ready for the weekend to end.  But I am thankful that the  nasty NE Ohio weather held off until after I got out of the hocking  hills.  OMG, what the hell was I thinking??? Short me driving a small car on roads that I am pretty sure were designed as a blueprint for the coasters as Cedar Point.    I could only wonder (very fearfully) what was going to be staring back at me when I got to the top of each hill. Was I going to slam into a stopped school bus full of kids?  Was the road going to curve 90 degrees...with a drop off directly in front of me????  Friday, after I finished the roller coaster there, I drank heavily.  Today, I took a way home that avoided a couple of those treacherous hill-top scenarios. But it was still pretty bad.   The triple shot of rum in my tea is 151. 

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