Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Perhaps he says too much....

But if it's true, who cares, right?

But is it true? Is any of it true?  Is any of what true?

I digress, obviously.

The intent of this post is to help you with your Christmas shopping.


We all have at least one person on our list who has everything, including a warped sense of humor.

This is the gift for them.

And for yourself, because we all need some laughter in our lives.  And believe me, you will laugh.

If you are anywhere near my age (your guess is as good as mine), you may want  this book to be your bathroom reader - that way when you laugh so hard that you have to pee or poo, there is less chance of making a mess.

What's to laugh about?  
  • Bionic fingers 
  • Self-combusting Tiffany lamps
  • Rubber spiders 
  • Ventriloquist dolls
  • Vindictive mothers throwing women down stairs
  • And brain nuggets - those little snippets of info you might be better off not knowing.
In this, his second book, Rodney Lacroix takes us along for the ride as he recounts some of his life's biggest  misadventures.  The man can turn any ordinary life event into an extraordinary fiasco. He finds himself in a mess and lies his way into it deeper. Where does he come up with this shit?

Being a little (again, just guessing here) older than Rodney, I can almost relate to some of the stories from his early years.  The 70s were a much simpler time.

But Rodney does not grow up in the 70s...he does not grow up at all.
He continues to create havoc at work and at home.  And he brings us along for the ride - with his coworkers and family.  And if you are wondering how much shit he can dish out before it starts getting flung back at him....he shares that as well.

This book of messing with people is worth a read or two. Yes, I am on my second time through.  There is so much good stuff in here, I know I missed some the first time through.  I am having trouble putting it down long enough to share my thoughts with you.

But do not take my word for it.... follow the links to Amazon or Barnes and Noble and pick up your own copy. And then, if you can stop laughing long enough, let me know what you think. 

And, if after that read, you want more of Rodney, check out his first book: "Things Go Wrong for Me"

  And for a daily dose of Rodney's Mental Poo,  follow his blog.



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