Saturday, December 6, 2014

Pet Peeve for the day...

One of my pet peeves reared its ugly head today.

Track abuse.

Why do people stand on the walking/jogging track at the gym?

Actually, I do know why they do that:

  • To talk to someone using a machine that is not on the track
  • To talk to someone else who has stopped on the track
  • To watch their friends playing basketball on the court below
  • To have a loud conversation with their friends in the workout area below
Yeah, no justifiable reason there - at least not IMHO.
I do understand when an  the elderly person needs to stop and stand for a few minutes to catch their breath.  I sympathize, and even empathize, with them. I am tempted to do that myself, at times.

Why do people walk/jog in the wrong direction in the middle of the track?

Actually, I do know why they do that, too:
  • To get to a machine along the outside of the track that is a few steps closer to them if they go opposite traffic
  • To meet up with a friend who is a half lap behind them
It amazes me -  and not in a good way.

This morning I had to stop on the track because there was this big guy running toward me, zig-zagging his way against traffic, to meet up with someone a bit behind me.  I thought he was going to run right into me. He was wearing a big smile that I just wanted to slap right off his face.

Don't mess with me when I am making laps on the track to try to burn off some pent up frustrations.

Ok, I feel a little better now that I got that off my chest.  Thanks for listening.

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