Monday, October 14, 2013

Apartment living is the life for me...

I used to think Condo living was the life for me...

That thought lasted a few years, until the maintenance fees skyrocketed and the maintenance itself got away from me...

So I left the condo life behind and moved South a few miles to an apartment.

There are a lot of things I like about my new life.

But today I am especially liking the maintenance.

My washer/dryer seemed a little off a few weeks ago.  One call to the office and I had a brand new washer/dryer the next day:)

And yesterday, as I was preparing comfort  food for the Browns game (let's not say any more about the game), I noticed that my dining room carpet was sopping wet.

First I checked the fridge and dishwasher…no leaks there.  

Then I checked the case of water sitting in my dining room – all intact.  

I no longer have dogs, cats, or little kids hanging was not pee....

So I made the call…

Maintenance was knocking on my door within a few minutes. The nice gentleman determined that the pipe in the wall was leaking and he was willing to fix it immediately. But that meant tearing a hole in my wall.

BUT….I have company coming…. No problem – what time is good for you???  (Really????) Well, I will be leaving here right after the Browns game (if you can call it that) to bring my parents back home, so any time after that is fine.

When I got back home later that evening, feeling exhausted from cooking and driving and watching the Browns lose, I was thinking that I did not want to deal with a maintenance man in my apartment; I just wanted to let my Ta Tas free (in celebration of the day) and relax with a book.

No worries….maintenance man was there and gone during the 90 minutes that I had been getting  my parents home.  Granted I had a hole in my kitchen wall, and there was a huge fan blowing air on the carpet to dry things out…and a note letting me know that he would be back in the morning (while I was at work) to fix the wall.

But I had the place to myself….to do as I liked.

Yeah, apartment living is the life for me:)

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