Saturday, October 19, 2013

Happy Hallmark Holiday...

Happy Sweetest Day to all Sweethearts out there celebrating....

Today I consider myself lucky that I do not have a sweetheart. Because if I had a sweetheart, I would be in some big trouble right now.  I totally forgot the holiday until I crawled out of bed and opened Facebook.
There would have been no card or breakfast in bed (I am assuming my sweetheart would not like chocolate or flowers) or anything else the holiday requires...

Lucky me....avoided that train wreck.

There was another Hallmark Holiday this week that I did not avoid- Boss's Day.

I do have a boss. A pretty good boss, considering the other bosses in our office.

Our team gave the boss a card.  We would have given him a bottle of his favorite spirit, but some among decided that was not appropriate. 

And we just did not feel like shopping for anything else. 

Which is fine by me...He knows we love boss.

He is one of the better bosses I have had - and I have had a lot of bosses.

We are on the same page about a lot of things; I think he would have appreciated the spirits.

But my boss has a boss.  

His boss is definitely not one of my favorite people - at all....

I became aware of another of his "plans" for our team Thursday that has made me pretty angry - so angry that  I stewed about it all day yesterday - a day I had taken as PTO  just to relax because of the new use-it-or-lose it policy. I did not relax...I stewed.

But that rant is for another post....maybe even on another blog, hopefully after I have calmed down a little...

Today, just enjoy your hallmark holiday...

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