Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Whining with my new toy...

When I decided to get back into the blogging world last weekend, I was reminded of one of the reasons I had left. There were a few reasons; but this one was a biggie....

I was trying to pick a template and customize it a little - just a little, because my computer was so f-ing slow that I lost any bright ideas I had before I could implement them...

But Sunday afternoon I had an even brighter idea.  My son was sitting in my living room doing something productive (I assume) on his laptop while watching the Browns pretend they knew how to win a football game.

I looked at him and I said..."I've decided it's time...I need a new laptop."

Talk about a kid in a toy store...he started surfing and telling me about this deal and that deal and rattling off RAM and processor specs... and before the Browns lost, he had ordered me a brand spanking new laptop.

That was Sunday.  This is Wednesday.  I am writing this post on my new laptop - all configured with the tools I need and my favorite programs.

And I did not need to spend hours shopping at Best Buy or Walmart or MicroCenter; I did not even need to leave my house... 

Thank you, oh son of mine:)

I hope to spend more time on this blog over the next few weeks and bring it to life.

In the meantime, I am still trying to decide:  Windows 8 - should it stay or should it go???


  1. My oldest son worked at Radio Shack and now for Verizon and I thank the good Lord every day for his technical skills! Without him I would still be typing away on my Commodore 64, wondering how to connect it to the internets.

    Congrats on the new laptop and I have no clue about Windows8. I am still trying to figure out Windows7 haha! :)

    1. I am slowing learning...thanks for visiting Chelle.

  2. A new laptop from your son? Score! As for Windows8... I have no clue. I've always been a Mac girl.

    1. He tried to talk me into a Mac; I have used them and like them, but my comfort zone lies in Windows...not sure about this version tho.

      My son helped me pick out and set up the laptop...I actually bought it with my cafe winnings....Score!