Wednesday, October 30, 2013

This walking business is kicking my butt...

I did not realize how out of shape I am until I started walking again.

My average time is still over 60 minutes for a 5k distance...


And my legs and hips are feeling every step of it...

But I am keeping with  it.

I got up early this morning and walked an hour before getting ready for work.

Not early enough apparently.

By the time I left for work, a little later than normal, traffic was so backed up that it took me twice as long to make it to the office...

So I will be working a little later, which should be ok since there are no cafes to visit (damn DeWine and co).

I did walk pretty much the same route I took yesterday in hopes of finding my keys - no such luck.

I guess I need to let my fingers do the walking for a bit and look up local Honda dealers to see where I can get the best deal on a couple of new keys.

Stay tuned.

Candy Crush update: I am now stuck on level 325 with a chance to pass one of the 6 friends who are ahead of me:)


  1. Walking IS hard but Candy Crush? Holy cow, I bow to your skills. I am stuck on level 10 or 11 haha! :)