Friday, November 1, 2013

Will you Marry Me?

Handing out candy on Beggar's Night was fun with my oldest son, Larry,  and his girlfriend, Margo.

The highlight of the evening came when a young Prince Charming asked Margo to marry him.  

Not once, but twice; this charmer was not giving up.

The first time he showed up, Margo answered the door and he sweetly asked her for her hand in marriage.  

A few minutes later, when I took my turn answering the door, the young prince was on bended knee, not expecting the old lady to answer.  He says: Where is she? I am going to marry her.

Margo, you have a suitor. Larry, you better step up your game, the competition is charming.

Walking update: I did not yesterday:( I did not get up in time to walk before work; I intended to walk after I got home from my son's, but those couple of glasses of wine took their toll.

Candy Crush  Update: Completed Level 329.  What will I do with my Candy Crush time if I finish the game???

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