Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Thank you for No Shave November...

Today I am thankful that society has designated this month as "No Shave" - my legs need a chance to recover from the razor burns continually bestowed upon them.  I also need a break from having to take extra time in the shower for this activity. 

I should be getting into work a half hour earlier each day in November - not because it takes me a half hour to shave my legs, but because the few minutes it does take puts me on the road just past the cut-off for missing rush hour traffic.

In my opinion, the rest of the world should be thankful that November is the designated No Shave month.  June, July, or August no shaves would probably be a little harder on the eyes of the beholders.  But if the designated month ever changes, close your eyes and count me in.

I will be stocking up on razors around Thanksgiving (thanks to my Italian heritage).

I am not really looking forward to December.

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