Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Walk at lunchtime????

As you may know, I have been trying to walk 3 miles every day to try to get in shape to walk a 5 K in December in a decent amount of time...

Co-workers have mentioned that I should walk at lunchtime since it is dark in the morning and dark in the evenings by the time I get home after work.

Well, I do not think anyone that I work with would appreciate me walking at lunchtime.

As I mentioned before, I am out of shape.  

And I am a sweater (not the piece of clothing you might wear).

Noone would want to be within 100 yards of me after a lunchtime walk.

Granted, the facility I work in does have a fitness center with shower.  But that would extend my lunchtime way past the typical hour.

And I do not want to spend any more time at the office than I do now...

But, I am thankful, on this 6th day of  November, that I have a boss who let's me work from home a day or two each week.

I get so much more done when I work from home.

And, I can use my lunchtime for my daily walk.

And deal with the after effects all by my lonesome...

And for the record, I have cut 5 minutes from my 5 K walk time since I started timing myself 10 days ago.

Yay me:)

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